UMP45 vs Thompson : Which is the best SMG gun in BGMI

The UMP45 and Thompson both use .45ACP ammo. Which SMG is better between BGMI and PUBG Mobile? Let’s compare UMP45 vs Thompson to find the gun more suitable for you.

1. Gun ammo Capacity 

In the first criterion thomson wins. Thompson surpassed the UMP45 in gunpower capacity. Whereas the magazine of the UMP45 can only hold 25-35 bullets per load. The Thompson can carry 30–50 bullets with its default or extended magazine. Therefore, you need to reload the ammo earlier and more often when using the UMP45.

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2. Damage 

Although the UMP45 and Thompson use the same type of ammo. But their base damage is not the same. Uniquely, the UMP45 has a base damage of 42.8, and a headshot damage of 73.5. Apart form this, Thompson’s base damage is 41.9, and headshot damage is 71.8.

Therefore, the Thompson is significantly weaker than the UMP45 in a single shot. Similarly, if you set fire to the arm and leg areas of the enemies. So UMP45 damages them more. Specifically, when the opponent wears level-3 armor and a helmet. So you need to shoot their legs and arms to take them down fast.

3. Firing Rate 

The rate of fire will determine the weapon’s damage per second. Compared to the firing rate of the UMP45 and Thompson, the UMP45 has a slightly faster rate of fire than the Thompson. Notably, the UMP45 can fire 11.5 bullets per second. While the Thompson can drop 11 bullets per second.

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Therefore, the Damage Per Second of UMP45 is slightly higher than that of Thompson. But as we all know that in BGMI and PUBG Mobile, a small difference and chokes still matters. The higher Damage Per Second allows users to take down the enemy faster. So in firing meta UMP 45 is more deadly.

4. Recoil 

Comparing the UMP45 vs. Thompson’s recoil gives you an idea of ​​which gun is easier to control. Without attachments, the UMP45 has less vertical recoil than the Thompson. Whereas their horizontal repetitions are pretty much equal. In addition, you can attach a compensator and a vertical grip to the UMP45 to make it more stable.

Hence, the UMP45 is easy to control with complete attachments. In fact, you can spray with zero recoil when adding both the compensator and vertical grip to this SMG. The barrel still suffocates a bit.

5. Bullet Travelling 

Bullet velocity or bullet speed will determine which gun has the faster bullets. The UMP45 has a high bullet speed of 360m/s. Whereas Thompson’s bullet velocity is only 280m/s. When both the guns fire simultaneously, the UMP45 bullets hit the target first. Therefore, the kill time is also less when using the UMP45.

Since the UMP45 and Thompson are designed for close combat. So it’s better to use Hip-Fire with these two SMG. Since the Thompson has more recoil than the UMP45. Therefore it is less accurate in hip-firing. Its bullets have a greater spread than the UMP45’s bullets.

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Note : UMP45 vs Thompson compare done by author. So you can use according to your own view, and all this has been removed by looking at the damage given to the comparison gun.

Source – Google