Top 5 Simulation games of Android in 2021

Simulation games are one of the most elaborate and popular game genres. It’s one of the most popular on mobile because the tap-and-swipe controls translate well to touch screens. They are easy to play, fun to engage. Simulation games are easy enough to explain. It’s a game where things happen automatically and you push things in certain directions with your decisions. The idea is to simulate a specific activity.

The challenge is the enormity of the simulation style. You can simulate virtually anything and thus you have many sub-genres of flight sims, life sims, city builder sims, survival sims, farming sims, sports sims and all kinds of others. This makes it difficult to compile the best list because there are so many choices in so many subjects. Still we will try our best. Here are the top 5 best simulation games for Android.

1. The Sim 

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I feel like everyone has heard the name of The Sims. The Sims Mobile takes you into the sandbox world of The Sims and brings it to your mobile phone. There are tons of possibilities in this game. Here’s you can create your own Sim, customize them to look the way you want, hire them and help them meet their needs and goals. The world is vast, with other Sims to talk to and many ways to customize your home and your life.

2. Sim City Builder

Through this game, you get to experience the best possible SimCity on your smartphone. The tasks and features are almost identical to the original game where you build your city, solve different problems and meet different social needs. Since the game is free, there are some limits to what you can and cannot do, and some tasks require a real-time wait to complete. Still, the game is addictive and worth checking out.

3. Home Street 

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Home Street is somewhat similar to The Sims. But here players can focus more on building and decorating their homes. After creating your character and building your home, you can spend your days hanging out with friends, selling your house to buy a bigger house, or becoming a TV star. You can start any business if you want. There’s less grind than The Sims and it makes for a neat game.

4. Framing Simulation 2018 

Farming Simulator 18 is a android based game. Here you can grow different types of crops, take care of animals. Simultaneously participate in crop business and expand your farm for continuous flow of money. You must participate in forestry as well as dynamic world class market.

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Over 50 farm machines and vehicles to choose from, along with the ability to harvest multiple crops such as potatoes, sugar beets, corn and sunflowers. This free simulation game will give you the most comprehensive farming experience.

5. Dream Hospital 

Dream Hospital is the best simulation game to play offline on Android. If you are looking for change to your liking you will find it. The game puts you in the place of a health care manager. Offers you a chance to carry out medical emergencies and save lives. You as a manager do everything from on-spot treatment to medical research to build the best multispecialty hospital.

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