Top 5 Open World Games for Android in 2021

If we talk about open-world games on a large scale. So the one that always outperforms other titles. That’s Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto 5. We all Know that GTA 5 was released almost a decade ago, But gamers are still buying the game. The console and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 are still generating millions of dollars in revenue which tells us a lot about the growing popularity of the game in the gaming market.

But unfortunately, there is no Android or iOS version in GTA 5. Here is some similar games like GTA 5. Which you can play on your Android device. We have made a list of top 5 open world games like GTA for Android in 2021.

1. GTA : Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is a android device game. This game threw users back in the 1980s with the same story, better graphics, and better controls for mobile. The 10th Anniversary Edition of the game includes a massive campaign similar to the original game, support for MoGa controllers and adjustable graphics, taking users back from beaches to swamps, and much more from their favorite original Rockstar game.

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2. Gangstar Vegas

Gangster Vegas and GTA have a lot in common in terms of graphics and features. Gangster Vegas Story is the title of a boxer who has to survive the attack of a mob boss. If you are looking for colorful graphics with a good story, this is for sure. Gangster Vegas is a free world game and is similar to the Grand Theft Auto experience. There are missions that need to be completed. Which help you to earn cash and experience points.

3. Gangstar Rio : City of Saints

This game will remind you of GTA 5 when it comes to missions and open world offering. It has a rating of 4.1 stars on the Google Play Store. But the only downside is that you have to pay Rs 549 to download it. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints also offers dozens of vehicles. Those you can steal and use to complete missions or cruise around the city.

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4. Grand Theft Auto : China Towns

This game sames just like GTA, yes you heard that right. Both of these come from the studios of Rockstar Games. It is an open-world game and you can use the top-down view feature to visit different parts of the world. If you get caught. So you can escape from the eyes of the police and complete various missions to earn money. In addition, there are tons of weapons available in the game that will help you defend yourself.

5. Dude Theft wars 

Dude Theft wars is a light weight version of GTA 5. This the best option of alternative of open world games. It’s a huge open world game with cute little characters. Tons of fun vehicles in town. The game offers a lot of fun side activities like GTA 5. But in a very different and unique way like exploring the city in shopping cart. After that smashing into buildings and stealing cash of others, or join mafia gang and go on an exciting robbery.

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Source – Google