Top 5 Most Popular Mobile games in 2021

The first six months of the year 2021 are over. This year is very good for the mobile gaming industry. Its revenue is on track to cross $100 billion in 2021. According to the reports 2021 Mobile Gaming Tear Down. The gaming industry is witnessing great growth despite the tough comparison with the pandemic-hit 2020 growth. At the current time India is now the biggest mobile games market in the world. In this article we know about the top 5 Most Popular Mobile games in 2021.

When it comes to consumer spending on smartphone games, the US is at the top. Wonder who are those mobile games. Which are driving this strong growth for mobile gaming companies. Here we have prepared a list of top 5 most popular mobile games in 2021. Which have played the most in the first six months of 2021. Here’s See, Your favorite game in the list.

1. Pubg Mobile or BGMI 

PUBG has made its debut on a PC in March 2017. Battle royal has become increasingly popular with gamers around the world with its realistic feel. upon which players fight their way to the top of the last man standing in battle. In the year 2020, Pubg was banned in India. But on 2 July 2021, it came back in India as BGMI. BGMI has more than 50 million registrations.

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2. Free Fire 

Free Fire is currently one of the most downloaded games on Android. The battle royale game has become extremely popular in India as it brings a variety of features and interesting gameplay. The best thing of this game is this game supported almost every Android smartphone. Which has paved the way for it to become the only battle royale game in the market. Which has reached 1 billion downloads.

3. Among Us

Who would have think that a game had to have the best graphics or more detailed gameplay in order to become popular? Among Us is a game that proves that you don’t need excellent graphics to amaze people. Instead they have kept a unique gameplay. Which everyone enjoys.

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The game Among Us can played with your friend and try to find out who was the cheater. Its popularity spreads rapidly through 2020. Although this game is not as new as you might think that Game Among Us is released in 2018. The reason it’s popular in 2020 is because I think there was a pandemic, when a lot of people are at home and some are bored. Sports helps others among us to overcome boredom and this can be the main reason why the popularity of sports comes of late.

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Now the game hits 100M+ downloads in the Google play store, although there are some reports that there has been some recent drop in some of the active players among us, the game still qualifies as one of the most popular mobile games on this list in 2021.

4. Call of Duty – Mobile

Like PUBG, Call of Duty was first launched on PC in 2003. When I first played this game, I already appreciate how good the graphics and gameplay are. But I have no idea that they will make a mobile version of Call of Duty.

Now that they did, it quickly caught the attention of a gaming fanatic. Yeah sure it’s easier to aim for on PC, but the game was still additive. Call of Duty Mobile was first released in 2019 and now it has able to hit 10M+ downloads on Google play store and still counting.

5. Ludo King 

Ludo King is one of the popular games. As we know this game also supports multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode we can play this game with our friends and family members. This game will bring back your childhood memories.

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At the same time, this game can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Ludo King is a 52 MB game and it was launched on Google Play Store on 17th December 2017. Today it has more than 50 crore downloads.

Source – Google