Top 5 Most Popular Action Mobile Games in 2021

Mobile gaming has become a very important part of life. Most mobile games saw an increase in the number of players during Coronavirus. In this article, we are going to tell you about 5 action Mobile games. Which is the most popular action mobile games in 2021.

1. Minecraft 

Minecraft, one of the most popular games in the world in 2021. This survival game can offer hundreds of hours in playtime with an optional construction mode. In which you can create your own world endlessly. There is also an Adventure mode, which is a survival mode but with various restrictions that can enhance the gameplay. Overall, this top mobile game in 2021 is definitely worth your money.

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2. GTA Vice City 

Combining a character-driven narrative with open-world gameplay. GTA Vice City is definitely one of the best RPG Rockstar has ever created. In this game, you will follow in the footsteps of mobster Tommy Varsetti after his release from prison. Caught in an ambush drug deal, he slowly builds a criminal empire. He seeks out those responsible for seizing power from other criminal organizations in the city.

3. Brawl Stars 

From the makers of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach. Brawl Stars is a  multiplayer battle royale game for mobile. In which the main essence is the 3vs3 format. Play Solo, Duo or Triple in a variety of new and exciting game modes. Earned currency can be used to unlock new brawlers. Each is equipped with a signature attack and unique ability. It also has a variety of maps designed by the players.

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4. Hitman Sniper 

This is a one of the best sniper shooting games on mobile. This is a tactical sniping game in which you take out the target slowly. 150+ missions and 10 contracts to choose from. There is also a zombie mode. Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts, and complete blueprints to unlock the most powerful cannons. You can never take your eyes off the screen once you click on the start button. Many players have voted to Hitman Sniper as one of the most professional Sniper mobile game.

5. GTA – San Andreas

One of the best and most famous entries in the GTA series. The gangster who returns home after 5 years. A lot has happened while he is gone, his mother has murdered, his family is torn apart. His childhood friends are headed for disaster.

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You’ll follow CJ’s journey throughout the city of San Andreas and take control of the streets in order to save his family and friends. Thanks to his exciting plot and signature motifs. GTA San Andreas received over 4.5 star ratings on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Thereby making it one of the most wanted top mobile games in 2021.

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