Top 5 Hard Titles Achivements of Battleground Mobile India

Achivements is a unique system in Battlegrounds Mobile India. In which you will earn new and unique titles after completing various challenges. You can display your achievements by displaying the titles you’ve received next to your username. Getting a decent number of rare titles is essential if you want to become a content creator or become a pro. In this article, we will list down the top 5 most difficult titles to get in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Mythic Fashion 

Only a big spender will be able to get this title. Players need 50 legendary outfits to unlock it, and getting a costume out of the crate is already quite problematic. Some players have spent ridiculous amounts of UC to acquire this rare title. Even if you have the money, the RNG coming out of the crate can ruin your chances. This is actually one of the hardest titles to get at BGMI.

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2. Deadeye 

This title requires you to become a master sniper. Deadeye is unlocked after completing the Sharpshooter achievement. Players need to eliminate 3 enemies 50 meters away in a row by headshot. Also, you must not miss any shot. You must be at least Platinum Tier or above for this Achievement. Eliminating enemies is a difficult task. With all these additional requirements, it becomes even more difficult. At least you can try to complete this feat with the help of 3 friends. This is why it ranks low among the hardest titles to obtain at BGMI.

3. Glass Canon 

Glass Canon is another title with a strange requirement. To earn it, you must complete the Commando achievement. For which you have to win 50 singles classic matches in handicap. For the win to count, you must play in the Platinum tier or above and not be equipped with any helmet, vest or backpack. People can hit you with 3 bullets late in the game, without any protective equipment. This is one of the toughest challenges in PUBG Mobile.

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4. Unique Density 

It is one of the hardest titles to achieve at BGMI. That’s probably why the game gives you a permanent costume called Fiend Huntress upon unlocking. The requirements for Unique Destiny are fairly straightforward. Players only need to get 6000 achievement points. This absurd amount means players will have to complete almost all achievements to unlock. There are very few players who have achieved this title because of these high requirements.

5. Pacifist 

The title “Pacifist” is awarded to players who managed to achieve the “Free Chicken Dinner” achievement, which is one of the strangest achievements in the game. The requirement for this is to win a singles match with 0 kills of Platinum Tier or above. It’s really hard to win high-ranked matches without killing enemies, and because of that, it’s extremely difficult to get the title.

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