Top 5 Best VPN’S For PUBG Mobile Players in 2021

The problem of high-ping often troubles PUBG mobile players. To play this game without any lag you will need the best free VPN for PUBG Mobile Ping. Check these Top 5 VPN’S for PUBG Mobile players in April 2021.

When you run PUBG Mobile on a non-local server, you will get some annoying problems, such as high ping and server disconnection. For example, gamers in exclusive countries such as Vietnam and Korea in some countries have to use VPN tools to fake IP addresses and download global PGG mobiles. Or, Indian players will have to use a VPN tool to fake IP addresses to download exclusive PUBG mobile versions of Vietnam and Korea.

In addition, it also helps you solve the problem of high ping when you play on a non-local server. For example, Asian players need to play on Asian servers to experience the game smoothly with normal ping. If you want to play with players in other regions such as Europe and North America, you have to change the server. However, Ping will greatly increase when playing this game on non-local servers.

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Indian players need the best free VPN tool in this country to change IP address after PUBG mobile ban and download PUBG mobile KR or PUBG mobile VN. There are many VNP tools for Indian gamers that allow them to play this game on another game version while waiting for the exclusive version of PUBG India.

Here’s Know, Top 5 Best VPN’S for PUBG Mobile

1. Speedify

Speed ​​VPN is another VPN tool for iOS users. However, it is free to use for testing only a few days. Then, to continue using this tool you will need to make monthly or yearly free payments. Like other VPN tools, SpeedEase also forges IP addresses to allow you to access the App Store and download Pub Mobile KR. Korea and Singapore are two highly recommended regions that you should choose.

2. Tunnel VPN

This VPN tool will help PUBG mobile players in India to unlock this game and play normal. Apart from this, you can play this game easily with less ping and high security. In addition, you can use this tool for free. After installation, you can open this tool and select the country you want to use the IP address. You should choose Singapore to run PUBG mobile with lowest ping and highest internet speed.

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3. Kiwi VPN

Kiwi VPN is the most used device in Asia which is available on both Google Play Store and App Store. This free VPN tool allows users to fake the IP addresses of many countries of the world. You only have to turn it on once when changing the IP address. Then, you can play many games of special editions which are available only in certain countries at the time of closing the app.

4. Melon VPN

PUBG mobile players can also use Watermelon VPN. It has a lovely avatar. The application is updated regularly so that you do not meet any problems with data, internet connection, or privacy issues. It is one of the most used VPN tools by PUBG mobile players in the Google Play Store with just over 100 million downloads.

5. Thunder VPN

The device is available to download from the Google Play Store and App Store. This app is very light and easy to use. It is only 5.1MB in size. More than 10 million users have downloaded Thunder VNP from Google Play Store. Many PUBG mobile players are also using this VPN tool to play low ping games. Apart from this, privacy is also guaranteed so that you do not have to worry about losing personal data.

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Source – Google