Top 5 Best Semi Snipers in Battlegrounds Mobile India

The Semi snipers or DMR is a special weapon category that can function as a sniper and an assault rifle. Here are the five best semi-snipers in PUBG Mobile and Battleground Mobile India 2021.

1. MK 14 

Mk14 is the best semi-sniper in PUBG Mobile and Battleground Mobile India. This airdrop gun offers two firing modes: single and full-auto. Hence, it can operate effectively in both close combat and long distance engagements. It has super high damage and bullet velocity (853m/s). Therefore, the Mk 14 is a beast for both a stationary and a moving target on the battlefield.

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It reaches maximum damage within 120 meters and is reduced between 12 – 400 meters. In the hands of pro players, the Mk14 is more lethal than the AWM. Because it has a high rate of fire. The worst thing about this weapon is its super massive recoil. You can refer to Tips on Mastering Mk14.

2. SLR 

The SLR is considered another variant of the SKS with higher base damage and recoil. Specifically, its base damage is 58HP per hit. Although the SLR was introduced after the SKS. Yet it is widely liked because of its great power. With a level-3 helmet, you can kill an enemy in just 2 shots. In addition, the initial bullet speed of this semi-sniper reaches 840m/s. If you can control its repetition well. So the SLR would be a very powerful semi-sniper on the battlefield. In the new meta, this DMR is preferred over bolt-action SRs.

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3. SKS 

SKS is more preferred than SLR as it has less recoil and great power. It also uses 7.62mm ammo. Which has great bullet penetration to inflict high damage to the enemies. You can add 25 different attachments to make this semi-sniper more flexible. However, the initial bullet velocity of the SKS reaches only 800m/s. Therefore, the high bullet drop makes the SKS vulnerable in distant combat. Again, it’s harder to pick a moving target than the Mini-14 and QBZ. But it is still one of the best semi-snipers in PUBG Mobile 2021.

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4. Mini 14 

The Mini-14 has very low base damage of 46 hp per hit. But it has great stability and a high rate of fire. Therefore, the accuracy and damage per second of a semi-sniper is also high. The velocity of the bullet reaches 990m/s. Hence its bullet drop is also less. Then, you can select a moving target easily and accurately. In addition, it can hold 20-30 bullets per load.

5. QBU 

After several updates, the damage of the QBU has increased significantly. Specifically, its base damage reaches 55HP per hit. It replaces the Mini-14 on the Sanhok map. But this particular semi-sniper has pre-equipped bipods to make it more stable when you fire in prone posture.

Also, when you put a silencer in the QBU it can kill enemies very quietly. You can quickly tap the fire button to use this semi-sniper as an AR in panic situations. That’s why it is mentioned in the list of best semi snipers in PUBG Mobile.

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