Top 5 Best Place to Camp Military Base Bridge

There are two bridges connecting to military base island to whole erangle Island. Many Players landing at a military base often have to cross these bridges to enter the mainland of Erangel. In case many chance to final circles shrinks at Military Base Island. Then we decide to camp the bridge to get more kills easily and cut the zones of enemies. So in this article we are going to tell you are some hidden spots and tricks for camp Military Base bridge.

1. Top of the Brigde 

Top of the bridge is often a safe and secret place to camp in military base bridge. But you should not wear colorful and luxurious outfit or enemies can see you. However, climbing the bridge on the left is quite difficult. You have to reach the crossbeam before you can jump to the top of the bridge. If you fall down while jumping between the crossbeams. So falling will hurt you. Therefore, you need to climb carefully. Make sure you place the small point of the target in the right place and swing at it.

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2. Centre of the Brigde 

There is broken green truck parking on the bridge. You can see many old buckets on this truck and a small gap between them. I’m not sure if this is a purposeful arrangement or not, but you can sit there hiding and camping. These are the best places to camp and surprise the enemies in PUBG Mobile and BGMI Erangel Bridge.

3. Under the Bridge 

Players can sit on the buggy under the bridge floor and watch the enemies on the bridge. Other than this, You can also shoot them and throw grenades as if you were on a bridge. However, enemies will not spot you. Then, Bridge Camper can play like a invincible man to kill or troll enemies.

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To perform this BGMI bridge camping trick, you’ll need to find a buggy and lead it to the small gap under the bridge floor. But you need to sit on the buggy so that your head protrudes beyond the floor of the bridge. Players cannot see that camper.

4. Edge of the Brigde 

Many players often sit behind broken cars on the BGMI Erangel bridges to camp. But it’s not a good idea because you can’t cover both the front and the back. The two outer sides of the bridge are better places for you to sit and camp.

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You can cover both sides of the bridge when enemies cross it from the mainland or military base. If enemies shoot back and attack. So you can jump in the river and escape. If necessary, you can prepare a boat or water jet ski near your ambush to get away.

5. Camp in Truck 

So friends, we already do bridge camps sitting in this truck. It is also a very good place to camp. Because if a person stops at the beginning of the bridge and tries to spot us, then he will not be able to spot us. So Guys, This are the top 5 spots to hide you and camp military base bridge easily.

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