Top 5 Best Gun combo to use in Battlegrounds Mobile India and PUBG Mobile

A proper gun combo can help you play better in BGMI and PUBG Mobile. You have two slots for the main gun and one pistol slot in the match. Therefore, it is important to choose and combine them to tackle all the categories of battle in this battle royale game. Check out  Top New Gun Combo for Erangel PUBG Mobile and BGMI in here.

1. M416 and M249 

The new M249 is visible on the map. It has been replaced by the new gun MG3 in the airdrop. You can loot the new M249 on almost all maps of BGMI. However, the gun recoil increases slightly. Nevertheless, this light-machine gun is a good choice for close combat due to its large magazine.

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It is enough to blast the moving vehicle and spray for the squad to be evacuated. The M416 can be used as a secondary weapon in this gun combo. You should engage a 6x scope to pray in mid-range combat and tap into long-range combat. This gun is very stable and is easy to control due to its low recoil.

2. MK14 and MG3

This is a weapon combo for pro players who can control the recoil of the gun well. If you can master these two guns, Then you can play like a professional player. Therefore, its damage per second (DPS) is super high. This new airdrop weapon is the best option for close combat. The Mk14 has always been referred to as the Beast in the semi-sniper category.

Its base damage is super high but the gun recoil is insane too. But once you master it, you can win long distance battles in PUBG Mobile and BGMI with this semi-sniper. Other than that, they use the same type of ammo. This is one of the best new gun combos that you must try.

3. M762 and M24 

The status of the M24 has buffed since the last update. Again, this gun becomes the best choice for long range targets in Erangel. This SR has a bigger ammo capacity than the Kar98k when you use the SR Extended Mag. In addition, the M24 has a higher spawn rate than the Sniper King AWM. The Beryl M762 also uses 7.62mm ammo.

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It is one of the best assault rifles in PUBG Mobile with both high base damage and high rate of fire. Although this gun has high recoil, you should choose the M762 for close combat. If you fire at the same time you can knock down the opponent using M416.

4. Scarl and ASM Abakan 

ASM Abakan  is a new 5.56 AR in mission ignition mode on the Erangel map. have you tried it? This new gun combo will give you more experience in this game mode. Although its recoil is quite high, you can use the new special attachment of the muzzle brake to make it more stable. The SCAR-L also uses 5.56mm ammo. It is more stable than asm abakan.

In addition, SCAR-L is also popular and easy to find on this map. You can rely on it in both short and mid-range combat. These two guns would make an interesting weapon combo that you should try. You can use the M416 to replace the SCAR-L in this combo if you can’t loot it.

5. DP-28 and AKM 

This combination will help you excel in both close combat as well as middle distance standoffs. AKM is known for its high firepower. A player will rarely lose a quarter-quarter battle using AKM. It also works well in medium range if you use it properly. The DP-28 is an excellent medium range gun. It has very low recoil and a good rate of fire to allow it to defeat any enemy at medium range.

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While it can certainly be used for long-range battles, a player with a car or AWM will easily defeat you. This gun combination works great in most situations. As the area gets smaller, its effectiveness increases. If you are highly skilled, you will also be able to overcome the weakness of the combo in the long distance.

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