Top 5 Best Free Fire Character for Free Fire Factory Challenge

Free Fire Factory Challenge is a custom room mode where players parachute over a factory in the Bermuda map. In this, users can increase the movement speed only through mili combat by applying a variety of restrictions and restrictions. The player has the option to use certain abilities in the Factory Challenge. Today we are going to tell you about the 5 best characters used in Free Fire Factory Challenge.

1. Dimitri 

The latest introduced character for this game is Dimitri’s ability Healing Heartbeat. Players can also buy this character for 599 diamonds. Players can use this character to create a healing zone with a radius of 3.5m in the Factory Challenge. In this, players will be able to gain 3 HP every 15 seconds. In this zone, the player will have a chance to self-recover. Its cool down will last for 85 seconds.

2. K 

This character from Free Fire has the ability ‘Master of All’ and can buy it for 599 Diamonds. This character has two modes, in which in Jiu-Jitsu mode it can boost EP up to 500 percent in a radius of 6 meters. Also, the conversion rate from EP to HP is 5 times. In its second psychology mode, players can gain 2 EPs every two seconds. Users can convert these EPs into HP ie Health Points.

3. Alok 

This character of Free Fire has always been very popular. Its ability is drop the beat. Its price is 599 diamonds. This character was introduced in the game in 2019. Since then this character has remained the first choice of users.

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By activating it in the Factory Challenge, the speed can be increased by up to 15 percent. Also, it can gain 5 HP every 10 seconds.

4. Kelly 

The Kelly character in Free Fire comes with the Dash ability. It costs 2000 gold or 199 diamonds. It can increase the movement of the player by up to 6 percent. It also has a Deadly Velocity feature that can extend sprinting to 4 seconds and do enemy damage up to 106 percent.

5. KLA 

This character’s ability is Muay Thai and can be bought for 8000 gold or 499 diamonds. It has a passive ability that increases the rate at which the player can be damaged by fists. In the first level, it increases to 100%. At the same time, at the sixth and last level, it increases to 400 percent.

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