Top 5 Best Camping Places In Free Fire On Bermuda 2.0 Map in 2021

Free Fire is a one of the most popular Battle Royale game in the mobile world. In the game, 50 players fall from an aircraft in an island to pick up items and weapons to fight until there is only 1 player left. The game offers dynamic gameplay that allows players to use various strategies to become a winner. Among all strategies, camp is one of the best strategies.

Because it is effective and easy to use. But to use this strategy well. You have to know the many camp sites around the map to stay. A good camping site will give you a good view of the security and the surrounding area. Here in this article, we will show the top 10 camping locations in the Free Fire on the map of Bermuda.

1. Pochinok

We will show you the perfect place to camp in Pochinok. Pochinok is a one of the most popular places in Bermuda. Here you will find piles of tires all around. Those tire stacks are how you are going to get this place. On top of the tallest building here. It is actually very easy . You only need to take a few jumps. It is one of the best camping spots in the Free Fire.

2. Nurek Dam

If the last safe zone ever lands on the Nurek Dam. Then this will be the best place to camp for you. You can jump sideways inside these spear-like buildings. After this, you can jump from the top of the machine in the middle. The enemies never saw what killed them.

3. Aden’s Creek

Another camping spot we are going to explore is Aden’s Creek. You will find a sack near a beach at this place. With the help of Glow Wall, you will be able to jump on it easily. This sack is a good place for camping as it is on the edge of town. So you do not have to worry about people sitting behind you on your back.

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4. Samurai Garden 

Samurai Garden is also one of the best locations for camping in Bermuda 2.0 Map. It is located on an isolated island, which belongs to the family of Hayato. The Samurai’s garden is a beautiful place with many Japanese structures. Most of the buildings here have only 1 floor except for one building with 3 floors. However, to get to the third floor, you will need to know the trick. It is quite simple. You can use the rail on the second floor or glow wall as a lever to get to the third floor.

5. Academy 

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The Academy is one of the new locations in Bermuda 2.0 in Free Fire. It is a large research facility with many large buildings and high places for campers. There is a large building on the side of the academy. Where you can climb to the top floor and use the edge of the wall in a secret location. Which can give you an overview of the whole place. There is too much loot in the building. Which makes it a great place to start.

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