Top 5 Best Android Voice Changer Apps For BGMI in 2021

We all know Antaryami Gaming. The way he entertains the people by changing the voice, By using voice changer. He likes the people very much. If you are also wondering how to do this, then today you have come to the right place. There are many such people among us. Who want to change their voice in Battleground Mobile India. So that other players can be trolled or content can be made for YouTube.

To do this, you need Voice Changer App for BGMI. These apps will allow you to change your voice to one of the preset voices. That will make your voice completely different. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the top 5 best voice changer apps for BGMI in 2021.

1. Du Recorder

DU Recorder is known as one of the most famous screen recording apps on Android. However, few people know that it is also a great voice changer app for Battleground Mobile India. You can change your voice by choosing 1 of 7 presets in the app or customize a new one by yourself. Select Voice changer feature from app setting.

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Save Voice option and click on Audio option to change it to Mic and Internal. In addition, you can edit, cut, trim, add effects to your videos directly using the app on your phone. If you are planning to make some BGMI YouTube videos on your phone then this is definitely a great all-in-one app.

2. Robo Vox

Robo Vox Voice Changer is an Android app that allows you to modify your recorded voice or live voice to all kinds of different voices. This is a paid application on google play store. Its library has a total of 48 sounds and effects ranging from weird, helium, or horror to evil, musical or robot.

This is another great voice changer app for Battleground Mobile India. There are total 3 modes in the app. Parrot, real-time and recording modes. Parrot Mode will repeat your modified voice like a parrot. To change your voice, all you have to do is slide your finger across the XY control area.

3. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice changer with effects is also an android app. This is a free app on Playstore.  Which allows you to record your voice and then transform it using different effects like Robot, Backwards, Extraterrestrial, Alien, Drunk, Helium, Giant, Monster, and much more. You can then save these sound files to your phone. You can share them or use them in your BGMI videos.

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The interface of the app is very simple. Just hit the record button and replay your recording with various effect options on the app. Another unique feature of this app is that you can create a sound from a simple text file. This is really if you don’t want to record your voice for your videos. Definitely a voice changer app for Battlegrounds Mobile India that you should check out.

4. Voicemod Clip

Voicemod Clips is a free voice changer and video maker app. This is a good option, as you can only record audio or audio along with the video if you want. You can use that video basically anywhere. It’s mostly good for editing your BGMI YouTube videos and adding voices. So that you know what you are doing before you download it. The app has some nice voice modulation along with a few different filters for your convenience. It is definitely a little better than most of the voice changer apps.

5. Best Voice Changer

Guys The last of our list is the Best Voice Changer Android application. With this application, you can record a voice or select one of your audio files to convert to magic. Then it will convert that file very easily which you will enjoy a lot. If you edit video for your BGMI youtube channel. Then this application can be very best for you. Because you get a lot of features inside it. By which you will be able to add a lot of features in video editing, then you can use it.

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Source – Google