Scout Biography : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements of Scout

Tanmay Singh is professionally known as “Sc0utOP”. He is an e-sports player who has represented India in the PUBG game. He has a 3.5M subscriber on YouTube, with it being one of the most well-known YouTuber. Scout for entry fragging in PUBG is very well known for its laser like m416 + 6x, scar + 4x, DMR spamming, and the accuracy of its IGL decisions. Scout has a Instagram verified account in his Instagram account he has 400 posts and 501k followers. His name Scout is came from the game CS Go. He had mastered a gun named which name is Scout came from this gun. So he named his name “Scout” and it became known as Scout. In this article we are telling about Scout Biography.

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Career Turning Point

Scout played football since childhood. Scout has played football for Kolkata at the national level. His dream was to represent the Indian team in football. His coach also provided support and guarantees about a promising career in football. One day his mother was not allowing him to go for evening practice. Tanmay jumped from the roof and quietly ran away from the house. During the jump, he suffered an major injury of hamstring. The doctor recommended a bed rest of about six months because it was a serious injury and which would not even let him walk. Then scout decided that he had make a career in gaming.

Scout Biography : Scout Personal information and monthly salary 

Real Name – Tanmay Singh

Date of Birth – 30 July 1996

Date of Vlace – Valsad

Hobby – Football

Girlfriend – Currently no / Ex Girlfriend name Zara

Monthly income – 7 to 8 lakhs rs

Net worth income – 1.2 Cr Rupees

Earning Source – PUBG Mobile , YouTube and Promotions

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Scout has great experience in skills as he has made many good contacts with Indo and Chinese players in the game. He developed his skills by learning from them and adopting his abilities to learn from them. Scout was the first  claw control of in India. First, he controlled repetition using the thumb. But as he started using the Gyro scope, the spray began to resemble a laser.

Current Team – Fnatic

Scout represents Phenatic, an international professional gaming organization headquartered in England, Australia and the Netherlands. In October 2018, Fnatic signed X Spark’s former team as its roster for PUBG Mobile. After a month, Phentik signed a coach AURUM (Prateik Mehra) and Ash (Ashish Bhatnagar). Scout, Owais, and Raunak had decided to form the lineup and leave their current previous lineup at Esports.

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Paritosh wanted a chance to show and prove his ability and importance in the team. Sapna was selected in the lineup during X Spark. Joe was one of the underrated players in the esports community. He was the most hungry lion and was on his way to win the tournament. As a state, a ferocious lion is more successful than that lion. Who has just taken command of his forest.

  • PUBG Mobile All Stars 2019 Champions
  • PUBG Mobile Spring Split Runners UP 2019
  • First team to Represent India In PUBG E – Sports(Team IND)
  • PUBG Mobile All Star Challenge 2019
  • PMCO – 2020 Fall Split 
  • Peacekeeper Elite Championship

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Scout Biography : Scout Previous Teams 

  •  RAW
  • Team IND
  •  Godlike
  • Team Soul
  • Team X Spark

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