PUBG: New State is a futuristic new battle royale game for Android and iOS

PUBG’s universe is finally expanding – a new mobile title for iOS and Android has just been confirmed in a trailer. It is being called PUBG: New State. This is going to be a standalone game. The biggest update to PUBG’s original Battle Royale game so far. PUBG: New State is a futuristic game created by PUBG Studios. Which is also the producer of ‘PLAYER UNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS’. To recall, a similar game has long been rumored to make its entry. But with ‘PUBG version 2.0’ epithet. We can assume that the new game is a sequel to the original one.

Earlier, some leaks surfaced this week that a new PUBG mobile game would be announced by Craftons. This came true and the South Korean company released the telecom for the PUBG Mobile New State game. In addition, the game was also listed on the Google Play Store for pre-registration. While pre-delivery to the Apple App Store will begin soon. But many Indian users are thinking that they might be able to pre-register themselves for the upcoming Battle Royal title. See here what we all know about PUBG: New State.

1. Gameplay Style of New Pubg: New State

PUBG: The new state based on 2051 future graphics. long after the current PUBG timeline (which is almost as scheduled in modern times). Based on early images, it is very similar to Call of Duty. Which is the other “semi-futuristic” shooter in the market. The game will dive deep into the lore of the PUBG universe. Which was never really a big part of the game before.

Gameplay-wise, the game’s first map is called Troi. It is going to include a lot of future weapons and vehicles such as drones, combat shields, turrets as well as lots of interactive objects. In addition, players will be able to customize their own weapon to change their functionality within the match. Which is already revealed. The mechanic is going to be similar to the weapon attachments of Apex Legends.

2. Is it coming to India?

PUBG: New State has nothing to do with China’s Tencent and is developed by PUBG Studios. Unlike the relationship between PUBG and PUBG Mobile, the new state is going to be a completely different game. It will be developed by the main PUBG studio, the company behind the original PUBG and not Tencent like PUBG Mobile. This ensures the release of the game in the Indian market without any problems. Because it has nothing to do with China.

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In addition, the developers revealed that the game is built from the ground up and is specifically optimized for mobile devices. Players can expect graphics that are with the console or in their own words. “Ultra-realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile gaming.” According to Crafton, it will feature global illumination rendering technology to enhance visual realism as well as provide stable and smooth gameplay.

3. Released Date

PUBG: The new state will be available on Android and iOS later in 2021. Also Beta tests are scheduled for this year. Players in the game’s pre-order will get a limited edition car skin. Here’s the link to the game’s PlayStore page – the Indian mover is not there yet.

Source – Google