PUBG Mobile vs FAUG : Which game is best ? Let’s Know

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar announced on 4 September 2020. That Indian based nCore company launch a new mobile game. Which name is FAUG. At that time FAUG Devplopers said that this game is a competitor of PUBG.  After the announcement, The gaming community started claiming that the game style of FAUG as same as Pubg. By the way in today article we gonna comparison of PUBG Mobile vs FAUG. But firstly we know everything about FAUG.

However, After launch the teaser of FAUG. That time FAUG producer claims and saying that this game would not be a competitor of the popular Battle Royale game. Instead, it will be a Prime Minister’s mobile standalone mobile game launched under the Indian Prime Minister’s Self-Reliant India Movement.

Here we will focus on how PUBG Mobile is compared to FAUG and if it is a replacement or not.

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1. PUBG Mobile vs FAUG – System Requirements

1. Operating System – PUBG Mobile requires iOS 9.0 or above. In Android version is unspecified. But FAUG games requires a minimum of Android 4.1 or above. The company has not yet launched the iOS version of FAUG.

2. Storage – Smartphone for PUBG mobile requires 610MB of internal space. After this Pubg have in-game updates around 2GB. On the other hand, FAUG requires just 410MB of internal storage to install and it have no in-game updates.

3. RAM – In PUBG Mobile Minimum Ram 2 GB But Recommend 4GB. In FAUG Minimum Ram 2 GB.

2. PUBG Mobile vs FAUG – Gameplay Style 

The major difference between the games is that FAUG comes with a story mode. Whereas, PUBG Mobile only includes the normal multiplayer combat mode and a Battle Royale mode. The FAUG storyline mode is after the Galven incident between India and China. So far, FAUG does not have Battle Royal Mode or 5v5 Mode. However, they will be made available inside the game at a later date.

3. PUBG Mobile vs FAUG – Weapons 

PUBG Mobile is an first FPS multiplayer (first-person shooter) game with the melee options available. Whereas, FAUG is primarily hands-on fighting. There are some breakable melee weapons that can work like a pointed bat, ax, and more.

The main reason in FAUG game has no weapons is that because there is a bilateral agreement between India and China. The agreement states that no gun can be used for combat in the Galvan Valley. FAUG creators have stated that they will add guns at later dates in the game, along with other games and new stories. However, the rollout date for these features has not announced yet.

4. PUBG Mobile vs FAUG – Graphics 

In PUBG Mobile we get a realistic feel with detailed characters, weapons, vehicles and overall gameplay. FAUG has tried to achieve this and has been able to make considerable progress in the right direction. However, some work still needs to done to bring PUBG to the mobile level itself. PUBG allows gamers to purchase accessories to get a glimpse of their character. But FAUG does not come with a such features.

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5. PUBG Mobile vs FAUG – Overall Conclusion 

PUBG Mobile is not currently available in the country and it will be some time until we see the game making a comeback. Some other games with FAUG such as Free Fire and Fortnite can hold the top of gaming fort. Both FAUG and PUBG Mobile are completely different games as of now. However, a very reasonable comparison would be, when Encore decides to launch its other modes for the game. Given that PUBG Mobile is not currently available in the country and it will be some time until we see the game making a comeback.

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