Pubg Mobile Season 17 : How to push your rank in Pubg Mobile to get conqueror title easily

PUBG Mobile is one of the Battle Royal games and the game has promoted E-Sports Games. This is a competitive title and has a prevalent ranking system that gives players a sense of competition. In this game, players often try to reach the pinnacle of the rank system to prove their reliability in the game. So, today I will tell you with my experience that how you can push your rank quickly in Pubg Mobile season 17.

However, unlike other Battle Royal titles, PUBG Mobile only has the classic Battle Royal mode where players can play to push their ranks. However, In the 17th season of the game isn’t particularly easy to push up the ranks easily. So Let’s Know, How to quickly increase the game’s rank in easy ways.

Using these methods to get quickly season 17 conqueror title.

Always select Correct Weapon according to you

Always choose the best combination of a weapon to advance rank in PUBG Mobile. M416 is a mid-range weapon and one for close-range. You choose your according to your combination. Many person prefer pick Akm for close range and mid range. However, guns combinations may vary from player to player. How’s his gaming style and which gun he used most properly.

In my opinion for you get better results, players can use the M416 for close range and mid range. Again with this you can pick 6x scope and DP – 28 for a long range fights.

Always carry grenades, smoke grenades, and molotovs

Players should always carry more utilities items such as Grenades, smoke grenades, and molotovs. As my opinion you can use more utilities as much as you can possible. Those players are moving up the ranks. Then he used more Smoke Grenades. Because Smoke Grenades are extremely important and need to help to hidden from enemies in open spaces. If you are playing pubg from long time then you know Smoke Grenades and Grenades are most effective in last moment during intense fights and also in last zone.

Always carry more health packs and drinks

During rank pushing, you must have to stay in the game as much as possible. Therefore, it is clear that you have to avoid unnecessary early fights. Players may also required to recover at the last minute. Therefore, I recommend players to have at least 4 first-aid, 3 pan killers, at least 5 energy drinks, and one adrenaline syringe throughout the game.

Vehicle Priority

Vehicles play an important role in PUBG Mobile, whether hiding from enemies or a means of rapidly reaching from one place to another. Vehicles are essential for survival. Wherever enemy gunshots appear on the map. You must take avoid vehicles fights. The vehicles provide you as a proper cover in the last circle where there is nothing to hide behind.

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Dont take early fights and always choose your drop location

The most important factor that determines the increase rank in pubg is the survival period. You get plus on your survival ranking so you can also try to you get more survival rank. But in season 17 you get more kills to get more plus. In my opinion, you first come in the top 10 and then you try to take kills.

I want to tell you that you can choose your  drop location. You choose those location which you know very well. One advantage of being at your drop location in pushing rank is that you know the place very well from where you can hold it and can fight.

Those players who need to move up the ranks. Then you have must to avoid looting from popular-drop sites and then survive to the end to maximize points.

Source – Google