PUBG Mobile Season 17: Apply These Five Tips To Win Every Ranked Matches

Pubg is one of the best Battle Royal games in the world. Despite being released in 23 March 2017, PUBG is still an exciting game. Which creates competition among its players. PUBG’s long-anticipated addition to a proper rank mode should secure a tasty chicken dinner and attempt to climb the ranks as more players compete than before. PUBG Mobile Season

To begin your PUBG Mobile Season rank journey, you must complete five placement matches against players of different ranks. Once you complete these matches. So you will be given your first rank based on your performance. Your rank is killed and you get the amount per game, as well as your placement. Each match you play will increase or decrease in rank depending on your performance.

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PUBG Mobile Rank Mode is the most attractive and exciting game mode in this game. Your achievements and career will be counted and ranked. There are some essential tips for winning ranked matches in this game.

1. Map Selection

In PUBG Mobile, the first tip to get every rank and rank fast is choosing the right map. ERANGEL and Miramar are the two best maps to rank quickly in this shooting game. These two maps have more pieces for you. In addition, you can live longer on these large maps. In addition, you must understand these maps and all the routes and corners on the map to survive and play better.

2. Don’t Be Panic

You should always be alert to all gunshots and fights during the match. The mini-map will show players the footsteps of enemies and gunshots when they are around you. Also, always check the ammo you have and loot more bullets if you are out of bullets. Always use the minimum to check the location of enemies.

3. Always Loot Proper Utilities and Supplies

The better supply you have, the greater the chance of winning. Players must loot enough supplies to avoid and fight opponents, such as a vest, helmet, first aid kit, bandages, smoking grenades, delicate grenades, painkillers, energy drinks, and more. Therefore, you will need a level-3 backpack to pick this items. Most high-level supplies are located in the airdrop.

4. Makes Proper Coordination with your Teammates 

The teamwork squad is one of the most important factors to win the rank mode.  You should stick to your team and support each other when needed. In addition, your team will be more likely to win when well-run in home runs, camping at home and team coping.

5. Practice is the key of Success

Only by practicing can you improve all skills, such as aiming, shooting, recall controlling, driving, etc. It is very important to win those skills in PUBG Mobile’s ranked mode. You can improve close range combat skills in TDM mode. Then, PUBG mobile players can go to the training ground to practice other skills and long-range fighting.

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