PUBG Mobile Direct Download Godzilla Mode For Restricted Devices

PUBG Mobile Godzilla Mode 2021 has come up with some exciting features and gameplay a few days ago. However, in some countries many players may not experience this due to the ban. Let’s see how to download this update in restricted countries. Players who cannot get updates from Google Play Store and App Store. They can download the PUBG Mobile Godzilla Mod to play. There are two versions of PUBG Mobile 1.4 APK. Which is regular version and one shorter version.

The Erangel map is downloaded along with the game. You should download the map Sanhok and Livik on an additional pack to experience the launch of Kong Mode Mechagodzilla modes and Godzilla Mode. Also, download other resource packs depending on the capacity of your phone.

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1. Godzilla Gameplay

Godzilla is born in Erngel and can cross the ocean due to its huge body. You can see a black titan standing on two legs crossing the sea and approaching Spawn Island before the match. It has a number of pointed and solid forks on its back. In addition, it will emit an atomic ray after a roar that can kill humans within its sphere of influence. The sphere of the atom beam will be marked in red like a red sphere in normal mode. To know whether you are inside this area or not, check the minimap. But unlike the Red Zone, you will suffer damage until you die, as long as you stay inside it. High level armor can partially reduce heat loss.

In addition, Godzilla Mode will follow a marked route that is displayed on the minimap. The route crosses a few Apex camps with lots of good loot. The first camp on its route is often crowded. Therefore, you need to prepare for the opening match there. When Titan goes to the camp. So he will break camp to enter to rob players. Another hot spot on this map is the location of McLaren’s garage. Where players can find a sports car. Use this car to move fast and get the Godzilla Crystal safely. Godzilla will receive energy from Earth and release red crystals that can cause burning damage if enemies are thrown at them. If you see that Titan leaves a ray of heat in the sky, the time has come to release the crystal.

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2. Kong Gameplay

Kong also travels in a pre-marked route on the Minimap. If you want to see it clearly, you can land at the starting point of the route and drive the parachute to fly to nearby Kong. However, Kong does not leave any dangerous beam like Godzilla. But he likes throwing things like stones and helicopters. The dead zone is also marked with a red color on the minimap. If you stay in that area, you will definitely die. So just run away from that place as soon as possible. Kong also releases power crystals in yellow. Get the power of those crystals to leap higher and run faster like this giant monkey. It helps you dodge bullets and move between the roofs of the house.

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3. MechaGodzilla

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Mechagodzilla has not arrived yet, but many players have experienced it on either the beta version or the Chinese version. It will appear in Livik this Thursday. You can find it in the eastern port. Unlike Kong and Godzilla, Macagodzilla does not move. It stands in the eastern port and uses its power to scan a random area on this map. The sign of impact is its roar. You can see the minimap to find the area of ​​impact. Then, pick up the red crystal and scan the surviving players around you to get the player from that area and his power. The scanned area will be marked in blue.

Regular Version – Download Link

Small Version – Download Link 

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