PUBG Mobile China Version get Summer Party, Will it come in Battleground Mobile India or Global Version

There is a lot of excitement in the PUBG Mobile Chinese version that can be updated to the global version. Recently, this edition has a new summer party with many entertainments. Watch the PUBG Mobile China Version get Summer Party. The Chinese version of PUBG Mobile has a summer party. At this time this It is not available in global version or BGMI Version but is likely to come later. This summer party is available on the Erangel map.

On the west bank of the map is a heart-shaped fountain. Players can go there to pray. Then, the fountain will release a number of supplies, such as a level-2 military vest and helmet, energy drinks, a UMP 45 with 60 bullets, and a bunch of balloons.  A bunch of heart shaped balloons are tied to a pink board in the summer party of the new pubg mobile mode. You can stand on the board and tap the ascend button to start the flight. In addition, there is a descend button to lower the altitude when you want to stop the flight. You can’t swing the balloons back and forth or left and right, but the wind can push the balloons towards land or sea.

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You can also get an amusement park when visiting the west coast. You can find a loot crate with a flaregun to summon high-standard loot. Players can get a gilli suit, a set of level-3 armor, and random airdrop weapons, along with a high-level attachment. Players also find a small football field in that park to have fun with with friends. You can find a fishing rod to catch some of the supplies dropped underwater. There are many other entertainments in this park like hammocks, water booster etc.

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Boat ⛵

Since this is a summer party, you also see an offshore yacht with several floats and a surfboard to enjoy surfing. You can use this surfboard to walk on the water and cross the river. In addition, it is more nimble than canoe and boat but has only one seat. Also, there is a water motor which runs very fast. There is a water slide floating in the sky. The starting point is placed at sea. You fall on the sea and go to the starting point to play this game. You will have a buoy to surf the water. There are many coins to collect on the water slide.

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At the end of the water slide, there is a chart showing the three best players with the shortest time and highest points to complete the slide. Also, the end point of the slide leads up to the ferry. You can also use a surfboard to make the water slide go faster. This Summer Party is currently only available on the PUBG Mobile China version – Game for Peace. However, we are expecting more players to join the global version of PUBG Mobile in the upcoming update.

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