Kronten Gaming Biography : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements of Kronten Gaming

Kronten Gaming was founded by Chetan Chandgude in March 2018. He is one of the oldest game streamers on YouTube and initially began his YouTube journey with his first YouTube channel Clash with Kronten, where he watched COC most of the time. He started PUBG Gaming Channel in the year 2018 and he streamed PUBG live. He is famous because of his pubg gaming style and he has been famous for two to three months and that is why his YouTube channel has grown up, he has 2.5 million YouTube subscribers. Many people love Kronten Gaming because of its gaming style, it looks sweet and explains the game very well. People also call him Chetan Chandagude, So guys in this article we are talking about Kronten Gaming Biography, Age, Real Name, YouTube, Income, Instagram, YouTube and more.

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Biography of Kronten Gaming 

Kronten was born on 08 May 1997 in a Marathi family in Pune, Maharashtra and Kronten is 23 years old (until 2021). Chetan Sanjay chandgude belongs to a middle class family and lives in Pune, Maharashtra. He was average in studies and was fond of playing different types of PC games since school days. Initially his parents were not supportive, but after seeing his daily hardwork he started supporting him. He also enrolled in some management courses at Singhad Institute in the year 2018. He lives in Pune with his family and has a younger brother, Amar Chandgude.

Career Turning Point of Kronten Gaming

Chetan started his gaming career in 2017 with Kronten streaming streaming Clan [Coke] on his YouTube channel Clash. In this channel, he was doing COC live daily and uploading content videos related to Coke on a weekly basis.

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The trend of gaming is changing every year with new technologies across the world, so it happens with Kronten’s gaming career here too. During the early days of the PUBG Mobile launch, He started playing Pubg Mobile Live on his second YouTube channel. Kronten Gaming. Initially he was running a pubg mobile on the emulator in the custom rooms of the poor gamer clan. Due to his hasty play, he quickly attracted attention from the PUBG mobile audience in India. Which helped them to promote their YouTube journey early. He now has more than 1.8 million subscribers on his verified YouTube channel. In addition, he named his old channel Clash with Kronten as God Like Esports.

But due to disputes related to pubg mobile emulator and pubg mobile matching, he quickly shifted to mobile and quit running pub mobile on the emulator. With this change he made his own pubg clan which was named as Ishvarishta and made a team for matches played in e-sports. Initially his clan had many famous pub mobile players like Scout, Smokey, Mazik, Kiki and more.

Income of Kronten Gaming 

Kronten gaining more than 2000 subscribers every day, moreover, he gets 140K to 500K views per day. Prior to Kronten Gaming, Chetan had the first channel called “Clash with Kronten” which was based on gaming. In this channel, Kronten uploads the popular game “Clash of Clans” gameplay video. Even in his PUBG profile photo, he has uploaded reconnaissance of the clan soldiers. Kronten Gaming has several sources of income, not just YouTube Adsense. He earns through AdSense, Super Chat, PayTM / GPay donations and Youtube subscriptions.

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Kronten gets a lot of money through Superchat, Membership, Donation and, Charity and many more ways. He earns easily from Google. But membership is not easy and donations will vary over time. He earns $ 2.1K – $ 33K per month through his channel and his annual income through the channel is $ 24.7K – $ 39K.6K. He also makes more money through brand promotion.

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Monthly income of Kronten Gaming: Rs 2,00,000 – Rs 5,00,000 per month

Achivements of Kronten Gaming 

PubG Mobile Charity Live Stream: Kronten raised INR 2,20,000 from its stream and donated it to the Veer website to support Indian soldiers.

  • PMCO 2020
  • PMSC 2019
  • PMCO Semi Finalist

Source – Google