Is the United States preparing for war with China over Taiwan?

After President Biden assumed power in the United States, China took an aggressive stance on Taiwan. This can be gauged from the fact that in a month, China has violated Taiwan’s airspace about 150 times. The Biden administration has always ignored Chinese aggression. China has explicitly threatened Taiwan several times. Especially after the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned while taunting Taiwan.

For the first time, the Biden administration cleared its stance on Taiwan. After all, what is the meaning of this threat from President Biden? What will China do now? Will there be a change in China’s attitude towards Taiwan? What do you think about all these questions Prof. Harsh V Pant (Director, Head of Studies and Strategic Studies Program at the Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi).

There has been variation in the policies of different presidents in America regarding Taiwan. This is the reason why China looks at United States policy regarding Taiwan with a skeptical eye. After the removal of former President Donald Trump from power, China has also tried to guess the policies of the new President Joe Biden. This is the reason why he repeatedly provokes America regarding Taiwan. So that the US strategy can be assessed.

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President Biden’s latest statement on Taiwan should be seen as this link. The Biden administration cleared its stand regarding Taiwan. He said that the security of Taiwan is a big responsibility of America. The meaning of this message from Biden is very clear that if China takes an aggressive stand on Taiwan, then America will openly support it. After this statement of Biden, the natural reaction of China has come to the fore.

Experts view 

Is there a change in United States policy regarding Taiwan ?

Look, America’s policy regarding Taiwan has not always been the same. There has been a kind of strategic ambiguity in United States policy regarding Taiwan. Think of it this way, in 1979 the then President Jimmy Carter ended official relations with Taiwan to establish diplomatic relations with China. At that time the US Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act. This law allowed that the US could sell defensive weapons to Taiwan.

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Similarly, former President Bill Clinton was in favor of Taiwan’s independence. If seen after the Biden administration, there was tremendous tension between the US and China regarding Taiwan during Clinton’s tenure. In 1996, elections were being held in Taiwan.

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At that time China conducted missile tests targeting Taiwan and tried to put pressure on it. After this move of China, Clinton sent a large war plane towards Taiwan and sent a message to China that America would not compromise on Taiwan’s security. At that time America demonstrated massive power.

Similarly, in 2001, the then US President George W. Bush also cleared his stand on Taiwan. Bush clearly said that America will do whatever is necessary to save Taiwan. Such a situation arises because the American strategy regarding Taiwan is of a different type. America keeps China in a dilemma.

China is always apprehensive about how harsh the US will react if it attacks Taiwan. This is the reason why China repeatedly instigates America regarding Taiwan. Taiwan and America came very close to each other during Trump’s tenure. This was seen as a sign of a major change in America’s policy regarding Taiwan.

Why does China threaten Taiwan?

In fact, in the year 2005, China passed an anti-separatist law. Under this law, China has the right to annex Taiwan by force. Under the guise of this law, China has been bullying Taiwan many times. However, he has so far failed to annex Taiwan. Under this law, if Taiwan declares itself an independent state, then the Chinese army can attack it.

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However, after several years of tensions and threats, Taiwan has maintained its independence. The Chinese government has been saying time and again that it will annex Taiwan on the strength of its power. Despite these threats, China has not been able to take military action against Taiwan till date.