Indian Gaming Community Reacts on Battleground Mobile India, Here’s Know

PUBG Mobile India is returning under a new name Battleground Mobile India, and the game’s official YouTube channel has released an announcement teaser and logo revealing video. Everyone in the gaming community is eagerly awaiting the release of the game so that the ecosystem, which had been lying dormant for the past nine months, can be restarted.

Prominent gaming personalities share their opinion on Battleground Mobile India.

1. 8bit Payal 

After watching the teaser, in my opinion, I am very excited about this game. With the name Battleground Mobile India, the game’s rebranding is quite exciting, as it has been made completely India-specific with some restrictions. At the same time data security and privacy are respected. PUBG Mobile was banned.

Due to which content creators like me were a bit impressed especially on the channel growth as I started my channel with PUBG. Now, this is a great opportunity for the entire Indian gaming community. Because PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular games in India.

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Now after the battleground, Mobile India has launched content creators like me. Which will see a lot of improvement in the unique content creation. Battleground Mobile India will also benefit the Indian Aspire community with a career option for passionate gamers.

2. Snax Gaming

Of course, I’m glad that the game is finally making a comeback. The PUBG Mobile World League was my first international tournament. The game was banned shortly thereafter. I learned a lot from that tournament, and I wanted to give my best in the next one, but I did not get a chance due to the unfortunate restriction of the game.

Many people unfollowed me on Instagram and YouTube and I lost about 30K followers on Instagram. Also, as a professional esports player, the ban of the game had a significant impact on my monthly earnings. I am very excited that the game is coming back. This time, the entire focus will be on winning the tournament, and Team India will dominate.

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3. Ocean Sharma

This would reopen the gaming landscape that was somehow lost after the ban. We were almost moving but a ray of hope somehow held us together and once we started building ourselves around it. We knew that we would be doing some work again. Rebranding was needed, as was the final hope of changing everything from the beginning. Getting a casting of a well home landscape is always a blissful opportunity. This creates an environment for competition. Which we always want to see.

4. Gamexpro

When the first teaser was released in December and there was no update about the game’s return for a long time. So it became clear that now the game will return with a new name. Now this game may come anytime soon. Its return will affect the entire sports industry in a certain way, PUBG has a mature audience. While Free Fire also has a large amount of fans. But the audience is not quite mature compared to PUBG. The return of the game will definitely help me grow.

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5. Maxtern

One of the advantages of PUBG Mobile’s comeback, Battleground Mobile India announcement, is that content creators like me now have a chance to grow and build their audience in the way that they are playing the game. Viewers enjoy watching them. This is what I like; Others may have differing opinions. Let us see how I can make the return of the game beneficial to me and how I can collaborate with the exporters in the community, so that we can grow together.

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