How to update BGMI 1.6 version, Here’s Know release date and leaks

The update of Pubg Mobile and BGMI 1.6 version release date is set between August 14th to August 20th. It will introduce many new interesting features. Know some leaks of upcoming updates here. This means that PUBG Mobile and BGMI players can experience the new update next week. Try to complete all achievement missions before the old event or game mode is removed from the game to earn attractive rewards.

In addition, the new RP season will arrive just before the release date of the new version. The date of the new session of BGMI will fall on August 13. Since the last update, the game has changed the mechanism of the Royale Pass. The RP of PUBG Mobile and BGMI will be updated every month instead of every 2 months as before.

BGMI New Update Features

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The upcoming 1.6 version of PUBG Mobile Global and BGMI in 2021 will bring many interesting features. Including a flying car,  spaceship story mode, a self-revive kit and many more.

1. Vikendi 2.0 

Big anticipated feature in the upcoming update 1.6 in BGMI is the new map Vikendi 2.0. This remastered map is clearly more stunning and realistic than the maps available in BGMI. In addition, the game developers seemed to bring the Vikendi 2.0 map from the PC version to this new version of PUBG Mobile and BGMI.

In several leaks you can see automatic trains running around the map. In addition, there are more trees in this icy island. Dino Park has also rebuilt so it looks more beautiful. In addition to the new Vikendi map, Erangel 2.0 will have two ferry ports on the main island and Military Island. It seems that the game developers also bring automatic ferry from PUBG PC in this update.

2. Flying Car 

Space technology is probably the subject of BGMI update 1.6. In addition to new spaceships. The developers also add new flying cars. This is also a new exclusive vehicle in Erangel. Like motorcycles flying in BGMI mission ignition mode. flying cars also fly above the ground but have a limited height.

3. Spaceship 

The first and most anticipated feature in BGMI New Update 1.6 should be spaceships. To make the game more futuristic, stunning and attractive. The game developers are adding this new flying object. However, the spacecraft is only available on the Erangel map. BGMI players can loot great supplies here. But entering a spaceship is not easy.

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When you fly over Erangel, you can jump and land on this flying platform in the sky of Erangel. You can also enter the spaceship by standing under its rays and looting the ground. If you want to exit, jump out of the spaceship and parachute to land.

4. Self Revive Kit

Self-Revive Kit is a new item in PUBG PC Taego update version 12.2. It will soon appear in PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.6. However, it is only available in team mode. Such as Duo and Squad modes. This special kit helps knocked players to revive themselves without the help of teammates.

5. Spaceship Mode 

Like PUBG Mobile’s Godzilla update, BGMI update 1.6 also introduces a new cinematic mode. It happens on the new spaceship. Players have another chance to be in an action movie about an invasion of aliens. Human players will co-operate to clean up aliens and exo robots.

How to Download BGMI 1.6 version

  • Direct Download Link : Coming Soon
  • Apk Link : Coming Soon
  • OBB Link : Coming Soon

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Note : Apart from this, the new update was introduced with some new guns and in the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile.  From which we can guess that in the coming updates, we will get to see all this in BGMI as well.

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