How to master Gyroscope in Pubg Mobile

Gyroscope is a pro skill in PUBG Mobile. In mid-2021, gyroscope meta is becoming more popular and trendy. Use this pro guide to know, How to master Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile. within a week. You might think that it is impossible to master Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile within a week as it is a difficult skill. However, it is completely possible if you follow these steps and tips to master it.

  • Practice gyroscope with each weapons 

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The gyroscope is easy to use with full-auto weapons like AR and SMG. But it is very difficult to use DMR with gyro beginners. The longer the guns recoil. They are hard to control and tap continuously. This is because vertical recoil will cause the crosshairs to choke, and the screen will move upwards. Therefore, full-time DMR users in PUBG Mobile require a different sensitivity setting. Also, learn to move the wrist quickly after each shot to quickly draw the target to the target.

Bolt-action sniper guns also have great vertical recoil. In addition, you often use the larger scope for those weapons to detect, aim, and deal with long-range targets. Be prepared because the ADS camera also chokes after each shot. Each bolt-action SR has a unique recoil. You must learn everything by heart.

  • Adjust Gyroscope Settings

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The next step in mastering the PUBG Mobile gyroscope is to adjust the sensitivity levels for the camera, ADS and gyroscope. The ideal sensitivity for these aspects is not the same on different devices. Camera sensitivity affects the speed of the screen when you turn your head to look around. It is very useful when you run in open field. ADS sensitivity is very important when you shoot with scoped-in. For large areas like 4x, 6x and 8x the sensitivity should be low or the screen will choke due to vertical recoil.

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ADS sensitivity should be higher for small areas like red dot, holo, 2x, and 3x or it is difficult to move the crosshair left and right when spraying multiple targets or tracking moving targets. Gyro sensitivity should be between 300 – 400%. Also, if you’re a full-time DMR shooter, make sure that when you tap 15 shots in a row with these weapons, your crosshairs will get choked or tied somewhere.

  • Don’t Start with Default Settings 

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The first and foremost thing you need to do before mastering the PUBG Mobile gyroscope is to set up your own controls. Having an easy control layout is very important to play this game well. You can copy the control layout and sensitivity settings of YouTubers and streamers on the Internet. But sometimes, these samples may not work for you and your device. Therefore, it is important to have your own settings that are easiest for you.

You can adjust this while testing the controls in the training room. It may take you an hour to set up the control layout and sensitivity. The wrist is the most important part that affects the performance of your PUBG Mobile gyroscope. You need to use your wrists to move the smartphone up and down, left and right. Players have to practice turning the wrist with the right force and angle. If you master it quickly, your screen and target won’t move. I hope you understand, How master Gyroscope in PUBG Mobile.

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