How to download PUBG : New State Early Access

Indian gamers are going to get a big gift this year in the form of PUBG New State. We are all well aware of the success of PUBG and BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) produced by Krafton. But all the fans are eagerly waiting for PUBG New State. Gamers’ hearts haven’t stopped beating ever since the company said that the game is the future of battle royale title games. The new state game of PUBG has been launched and its trend is going on after the launch. The internet search has started for the download link of the new state game of PUBG. In this post, I will also tell you how to download PUBG: New State.

First of all, understand this thing clearly that PUBG New State is not a different game. Rather, there is one such battle royale game developed by BGMI’s producer company Krafton. Simply put, it is going to be a competition between two games of the same company.

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A few months back, the pre-registration of PUBG New State also started. The features of the device have also been released to run it. This game is going to be very exciting, because it will get many such features, which you would not have even imagined till now. We will discuss all these topics in detail.

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PUBG New State is a great and latest battle royale game developed by Krafton, the creator of BGMI. The maps, weapons, and other items inside the game have been created based on imagination. PUBG New State is the sequel to PUBG Mobile. Which is one of the most coveted ‘Battle Royale’ in the video game industry and a true benchmark in Android gaming. Offering new settings, more game modes, settings with more interactions and better graphics, the game promises to stay true to the spirit of the original. In short, it will be a full-fledged sequel.

Here’s know, Pubg: New State Released Date

Finally the Pubg new state global version of PUBG is launching and its official trailer is also out. Let us know the details related to PubG New State Global Version. PUBG: New State will be available worldwide from November 11, 2021.

Pubg: New State Features 

1. Troi Map

The story line of the PUBG New State game is based on future events. Players will get a new Troi map with the game. Which will be different from the classic Erangel, Miramar, Livik and Shanok maps found in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. In this map of PUBG New State, an area of ​​​​8×8 km will be found, in which Battle Royale matches can be played.

2. Futuristic Vehicles and Game Graphics

Talking about the in-game vehicles found in Krafton’s upcoming battle royale game PUBG New State, players will get to see future vehicles such as electric cars, future tram etc. Players will be able to use these vehicles to move from one place to another within the game.

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The upcoming battle royale game will get new ultra realistic graphics, which will be better than the existing BGMI and PUBG Mobile. According to the information given about the game on Google Play Store, it will be better than the graphics of the previous version and users will get immersive gaming experience.

3. Weapon customization and Futuristic in-game items

BGMI and PUBG Mobile players do not have the option to customize any weapon. But PUBG New State players will get the option to customize the weapon present in the game. PUBG New State will get a variety of futuristic in-game items in the game. As the company has told about this game. In this, the story line of 2050 will be shown. In such a situation, players will get future in-game items.

How to Download PUBG: New State Early Access.

PUBG New State Early Access has been launched to investigate the discrepancies in the game and take user feedback from the end users.

Method 1  

  • Players will first have to sign in to the Google Play Store on their device. The Google Play account must be the same as the one used to participate in the second alpha test.
  • Then Click here to download the Technical Test Client by tapping on the app link.
  • Launch the game and sign in with the Google Play account that was used to participate in the second alpha test. If another account is used the player will not be able to access the game.
  • Players can take advantage of being one of the first members to experience the features of the ultimate technical test in PUBG New State.

Note : If you did not register in the second alpha test, then you will not get access to this game.

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Method 2 

This is the only method available for users who have not received an email from their email address to participate in the technical test. Rest assured, this method is completely safe and will not harm your device. So, here is how you can download the APK file for PUBG: New State Technical Test.

  • First of all you download Tap Tap on your Android device.
  • Once done, install the APK and select Allow install from unknown sources and open the application.
  • Now you have to search PUBG: New State in the search bar and tap on try option present on your screen. Now you will be able to download the APK and install the game.
  • Once the game is installed, open it and login as guest.

Note : If you not get an email from Krafton about Pubg: New State. Then no another login method will work.