How to download FAUG Team Deathmatch Beta Version

Game maker company nCore has finally launched the FAUG Team Deathmatch beta version of FAUG game after a long time. This mod can be downloaded from Google Play Store. This information has been received from the company’s official Twitter account. Let us tell you that this game was launched on Republic Day this year as an alternative to PUBG.

According to the company, the Team Deathmatch beta mode of FAUG game is a multiplayer mode. In this mode you will get the market map with new weapons. In this, you can team up with online players or your friends and play with other players in 5v5 battles. At the same time, this mode can be downloaded from Google Play-Store.

How to download FAUG Team Deathmatch Beta Mode 

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  • First of all go to Google Play Store.
  • Here type FAUG Team Deathmatch mode.
  • Now the option to download this mode will appear.
  • Team Deathmatch Mode will be downloaded as soon as you click on it.

FAUG Game Graphics 

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After the release of the first trailer of Fau g game, people were unhappy with its graphics. People believe that this game will not be able to do any more amazing. Because its graphics are very low level. But after this a video came on the official YT channel of nCORE Gaming in which Vishal Gondal talked about its graphics. He says that high level graphics are not able to come in any game in the first place.

With time, new versions of the game come and graphics are improved in it. The graphics in this game will not be good in the beginning because this game has just been launched. He says that with time, new versions of this game will come in which the graphics will improve even more. He says that nCORE company is doing a lot of work regarding graphics.

Battleground Mobile India game will get tough competition

The Team Deathmatch beta mode of FAUG game will get a tough competition from the recently launched Battlegrounds Mobile India game. Battlegrounds Mobile India game is available on Google Play Store. This game is absolutely free for the players. Players will get squad-based and one-on-one game modes in it. Apart from this, maps and weapons like PUBG have given in the game.

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As an alternative to PUBG, The game was launched on 26 January 2021. Talking about the game, it is available on Google Play Store. Its size is 460MB. This game supports Android 8 and above version. The theme of the war of Galvan Valley has given in this game. In this, campaign mode is active for users.

Source – Google