Here’s Know, The Strongest Awakened Character In Free Fire OB29

Awakening is a mechanic that allows players to upgrade a Free Fire character by spending Awakening Sharks and performing tasks. An awakened character gains an additional ability on top of their current one. Which makes them much better than the previous version.

With the upcoming release of Elite Moko, the roster of Awakened in Free Fire has grown to 4. In this article, we are going to analyze all the awakening skills. To see who is the strongest awakened character in Free Fire.

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1. Andrew Fierce 

Andrew the Fear’s Awakened ability brings a 14% reduction in damage to armor. In addition, he receives an additional 0.15 damage reduction from each teammate who carries this skill. This bonus is on top of the original 12% bonus, which increases his armor damage reduction by 26%. Overall, although it’s quite useful, you’ll need the entire team to make the most of it.

 2. Kelly the Swift 

After waking up, Kelly will receive a new ability called “Deadly Velocity”. After running for 7 seconds, you’ll get a buff that increases the damage taken by your first 2 shots by 125%. The buff lasts 5 seconds. There is no cooldown for this skill and you can activate it over and over again. This skill retains Kelly’s 6% speed speed bonus.

 3. Hayato Fire Band 

Hayato is the awakened form of the firebrand Hayato. Firebrand form receives an activated ability called Art of Blades which reduces all frontal damage by 40%. The effect is disabled if you use a gun, the correct use of Art of Blades is to activate it and fire a melee weapon at your opponent.

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According to OB27, Hayato’s original Bushido passive skill also combines with the Art of Blades. This makes melee more maneuverable. Because you can easily fight armored opponents with bonus armor penetration.

 4. Elite Moco 

The awakened version of Elite Moko doesn’t add a new skill, instead it enhances her old skill. Your passive mark now more than doubles, up to 6.5s at max level. This means you can now track the locations of enemies for 11.5 seconds when Moko hits them. With this upgrade, Moko’s passive may finally be useful. Enemies will be tracked for much longer, providing more opportunities for flanking.

 Overall Conclusion

Overall, the first two Awakened characters, Kelly and Hayato, are not worth using. Kelly’s Passive is too clumsy to use and Hayato Firebrand takes up your active skill slot. Awakened Andrew is pretty much the same, as his abilities are still pretty weak. While the Awakening mechanics have greatly improved the above characters.

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They are still too weak to compete in the Pro-Tier. In the end, only Moko Awakens has a chance to become popular in pro matches. She is scheduled to release on 10 September.

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