Electronic Arts released Battlefield Mobile for Pre-Registration on Google Play Store

Earlier this year, Electronic Arts announced plans to launch a new Battlefield Mobile game for mobile devices. Thereby giving players a new way to experience the game. The company said at the time that Battlefield Mobile would arrive in 2022, but the beta version would launch earlier for some players. The company is now back with details about the pre-registration.

Call of Duty, Free Fire, Battleground Mobile India and now Battlefield Mobile, This games are continually grow mobile gaming community in India. Thereby making it a viable platform for the future of their respective franchisees. The mobile hardware is by far the best and this is the reason why players can actually get the authentic battlefield experience on their mobile without compromising in any special way.

The latest game in the franchise – Battlefield 2042 – kicks off on consoles and PC this year. Now mobile gamers can join in the festivities too. Because the version of this game is going to come on mobile too. While the game is still far from launch. Now players can pre-register for it on the Google Play Store in select regions. which has started.

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Pre Registration Link 

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At this point, players know what to expect from a new Battlefield game. Massive combat, expensive maps, vehicle combat, and  spectacle. The mobile version promises an immersive experience to the fanbase. Which has everything he’s loved about the franchise on console and PC.

What sets Battlefield apart from Call of Duty. That is, the former chose to focus on providing a large playground of the map in contrast to the cramped, claustrophobic nature of COD. While the scale can often be distracting for some players, considering how much information they are bombarded with at all times. Others often appreciate a sense of scale and room for experiments.

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It will be interesting to see how EA and Battlefield Mobile fare in a market dominated against PUBG/BGMI , Free Fire and Call of Duty Mobile. The first few screenshots of the game promise an experience for battlefield purists. But the real challenge will be to bring in new players and get them away from COD and PUBG.

Device Requirements

EA said it’s still testing to optimize the game for “different devices.” For the first beta, you’ll need Android 7.0 or newer. More phone models will be supported in the future. EA also clarified that Battlefield Mobile will not have cross-play with other versions as the game “is being built exclusively for mobile. As of now, they have not commented on the iOS platform.”

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Source – Google