Dynamo Gaming Biography : Here’s Know Earning and career of Dynamo Gaming

Hello friends, there was a time when in our country there was only a race to become a doctor or an engineer, and in addition, people who dream of becoming anything used to ridicule people. At that time no one would have thought that in the future one can make a career in gaming, but in today’s digital age, this is happening where people are touching new heights of success by making online gaming a profession. In this post we talk about India’s Biggest Gaming Youtuber Dynamo Gaming Biography.

So friends, if you are fan of pubg, you must have heard the name of Dynamo Gaming. Adi Sawant who is the founder of dynamo gaming. So today we will talk about how Adi changed his changed life through Pubg. Today, their channel is one of the channels of top gaming. Today, he earns millions of rupees every month through his gaming skills. So let’s know.

Dynamo Gaming Biography – Know his Personal Information 

By the way, we all know Dynamo by the real name of Dynamo is Aditya Sawant and people also call him Adi. He Born on 18 April 1996 in Mumbai, Aditya Sawant’s father’s name is Deepak Sawant and mother’s name is Vaishali Sawant. He also has a sister named Aaradhya Sawant. Friends, since childhood, Aditya’s interest was in gaming and whenever he got a lot of money from his mother, he used to spend the money in the gaming parlor. His house is in the Lokhandwala complex which is in Mumbai. Friends, you will hardly know that there is also a guitarist in the dynamo office, he also loves to play the guitar.

Dynamo Gaming Career Turning Point 

Hello, I want to tell you one thing that no one knows the Struggle behind what is currently successful on YouTube. Because every YouTube creator has done too much struggle in his life, similarly Dynamo has also been very strong. Friends, in 2015, he uploaded the video of Keel Monta which is Battlefield. Friends, Pub Pub was not mobile available nor did Pabji PC come. There were some famous games at that time, GTA 5 Battlefield etc.

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Some of these games are more popular at that time, that’s why Dynamo Dynamo used to upload videos of Battlefield. After Pb Pc, he used to upload videos of Pb Pc and also did live streaming and rightly so friends, he did pub live mobile. PUBG did more streaming than PC and he was a very good pro player of PUBG PC.

But friends, even after streaming so much of their gaming, what they were watching was only around 10. His watching was not growing even after playing a lot of public live, but he used to do it live on his YouTube channel continuously. Friends used to play this gaming very much, but it was not able to move forward because at that time gaming in India was not that much problem.

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But they have got the result of their hard work. Friends, they made more than 10,000 subscribers in just 10 days through streaming of PUBG Mobile and their live watching also increased. When their friends became 20000, then after that they started playing other gamers with sisters like poor and roasting gurus and more players started playing with them.

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After that, the Watching of Dynamo used to be like 30000, 40000, 50000 sometimes and the growth of Dynamo is very fast. His subscribers started growing very fast. Friends, at the same time he scored a goal of 59000 live watching which was an unbelievable goal. Which they have completed.

Dynamo Gaming Biography – Earnings of Dynamo Gaming 

Dynamo Gaming earns more than 5 Lakhs every month. Dynamos make about 1 crore rupees a year. Dynamo Gaming’s revenue is primarily through YouTube. Where they get 1 to 2 million views on every live stream. Dynamo earns 3 to 4 lakh rupees every month through Google Adsense. Subsequently, brands like AMD, Asus and One Plus pay millions of rupees separately for Dynamo Gaming.

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Monthly income – 8 to 10 lakhs 

Source – Google