Daljit Biography : Here’s Know Earning , Career and Achivements of Daljit

Daljit is one of the best PUBG mobile snipers and supporters. Which is not only in India but also globally. He is currently playing for Orange Rocks eSports and is known as the Lord of the Sniper in PUBG Mobile. Daljittsk, whose real name is Daljit, He is the most popular gamer from Daljittsk India, a very good Pubg player.

In this article we talk about the Daljit biography, income and Achivements. Daljit is the founder of YouTube channel Daljittsk. He joined youtube on 03 November 2015 which has 200K subscribers Daljittsk Pubg Daljittsk is a very good esports player in that channel, which uploads live streams, game videos and more. Daljeet’s YouTube channel is one of the best gaming channels in India. In which they live-stream PUBG for 2 hours every day. His channel gets around 3,000 subscribers daily.

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Personal life of Daljit

A simple lifestyle with lots of skill and passion towards gaming. He lived with his family in Khanna, Punjab. He is from a middle class family. His lifestyle is commonly referred to as a very calm and serene composition. He never caused a single controversy in his entire carrier. From this you can get an idea of ​​what he was like.

Career Turning Point

He began his eSports career as well as a scout. He has very good reflexes, which is why he is one of the best PUBG mobile snipers in the world. Daljit is associated with some of India’s largest PUBG mobile groups such as Godlike, Team IND and Orange Rocks. He made his YouTube debut on November 3, 2015, but after PUBG Mobile was introduced, he regularly uploaded videos. He currently has over 200k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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Daljit Biography : Income of Daljit

Daljit has major source of income is salary from the respective organizations as he is one of the best players in India. They get a large amount of salary from the organization concerned. YouTube is a secondary source of his income because he is not so active on it. But from time to time he used to upload some highlights of the matches. Apart from this, they also earn well from Superchats, Google Pay / Paytm, Membership and Sponsor.

Monthly Income – 1.5 lakhs

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Achivements of Daljit 

He has already become a brand in the Indian gaming community with his crazy game play and achievements. Here are some of his achievements:

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  • PUBG Mobile All Stars Challenge
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open
  • First Global Pubg Tournament Player
  • Pubg Mobile Star Challenge
  • Pubg Mobile Club Open

Source – Google