Call of Duty: Mobile Vs Free Fire Which Game Is Better?

Both Free Fire and Call of Duty: Mobile have found their respective audiences in India and the escort industry has seen steady growth. Both of these are competitive in Battle Royale style with similar core mechanics. But with very different Device requirements, graphics, and more. They even have different device requirements. Here we will take a look at how these two battle royale games are different and we will find out which one is for you.

1. Device Requirements 

Call of Duty: Mobile requires 2GB of RAM. Whereas Free Fire requires 2GB of minimum RAM. Call of Duty game download size on Android is 1.95GB, and Free Fire’s minimum download size is 680MB. Call of Duty: Android version 5.1 or above is required to run mobile, iOS requirements are not stated; Free Fire requires Android 4.1 or later and iOS 8.0 or later.

2. Gameplay 

Both Free Fire and Call of Duty game share the same battle Royal Dynamics. But have completely different gameplay physics. The movement of the players and handling of the guns feel more animated and easier in Free Fire. Whereas, in Call of Duty: Mobile Control is a bit tricky. Because they are more realistic with heavy repetition and power shaping.

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Call of Duty: Mobile allows up to 100 players to participate at once. Whereas, Free Fire limits the number of players to 50. Due to this, the maps are large and the matches are longer in Call of Duty: Mobile. A typical Battle Royale match takes about 30 minutes to complete. Which is much longer than the 10 minutes it takes to complete the free light map. Free Fire has plenty of playable characters, making the battlefield more vibrant. Whereas, all the characters in Call of Duty: Mobile look quite similar except for a few special skins.

3. Graphics 

Hands down, Call of Duty: Mobile has better graphics than Free Fire. Even they manage to rival their console counterparts. Call of Duty game has a more realistic feel to the gameplay. Character descriptions, weapons, vehicles, and maps seem a lot more engaging and closer in real life. Whereas, Free Fire game has an animated feel to it. I like to have realistic graphics, but that doesn’t mean Free Fire is unused. It is your personal preference what you like in terms of graphics. In addition, Call of Duty: Mobile is built for mid-range and premium devices, while, Free Fire also supports low-end devices, and Call of Duty: can run in fewer resources than mobile.

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Overall Conclusion 

Both titles have been imprisoned for different audiences and have carved out their own choices. I personally like to play Call of Duty: Mobile because of its more realistic graphics and overall gameplay dynamics. However, Free Fire is also a good game that can entertain you while playing. Also, if you have a low-end or a mid-range device, it is recommended that you run the Free Fire of Call of Duty: Mobile to get better FPS and gameplay.

Source – Google