BGMI Joystick Guide : Here’s Know, Which type of Joystick is Best

BGMI and Pubg is one of the most popular battle royale survival games in today. Players around the world play the game for pleasure, while also making competitive careers out of it. To be called a pro player in BGMI, gamers must have big goals and great movement. Similarly, the joystick placement and in-game settings to give players an advantage. In this article, we discuss the BGMI Joystick Guide.

What is the Best sizes of joystick and placements for joysticks in games. Correct joystick placement is when a player can quickly reach up to their joystick and move around. Users should always hold their joystick in such a way that the thumb has enough room to use the joystick. With the small joystick size, players can have good control over the movements.

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Therefore, it is advisable to place the joystick in such a way that it does not collide with other buttons such as weapons or backpacks. There are three function layout has given in BGMI game. We all know the Most of the BGMI players and new BGMI Mobile players are still using the default joystick buttons size. But pro players often use larger joysticks. Let’s see the reason here.

Why do Chinese players and pro players use bigger joysticks? 

Some players have rumored that the big joystick can slow down your movements. However, the running speed is not affected by the joystick but by the sprinting buttons. Also, fast pace is not as important as accuracy to win this game.

In fact, the Height Sprinting button affects your character’s movement speed in BGMI. If you leave it too high, your speed will slow down. Therefore, Chinese pro players often keep it near the joystick so that they can accelerate and rebound.

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Actually, the size of the joystick buttons does not affect your gameplay much. But it is related to the comfort and convenience while playing this game. From my own experience, if the joystick button is too small, your thumb may not move comfortably when you drag it left and right. This affects the jiggle movements in this game.

Jiggle Movement in PUBG Mobile is a pro movement skill of Chinese players. One who dodges bullets in open ground or in face-to-face combat. Therefore, they often enlarge the joystick button to make it easier to drag. But the setting and layout only help you play more comfortably.

You need to practice your movements and reflex speed to master them in TDM mode. If your phone’s screen is larger, you should use a larger joystick button so that your thumb can touch and hold it more easily. So friends this are the BGMI Joystick Guide. I hope you like it.

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