BGMI Guide : Which is good for you Compensator and Suppressor

We are just a few days away from experiencing the full version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. PUBG Mobile was front and center of the Indian gaming community. It was banned last September over privacy concerns and allegations of illegally collecting personal data. After months of talks as well as rebuilding, it is now back with a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Battlegrounds Mobile India players have three muzzles. Which are flash hider, compensator and suppressor. The suppressor is also called the silencer. Let us see which is best compensator or suppressor. The compensator and silencer are the two most popular muzzles in BGMI. Because their effects are needed more. Silencer reduces gun noise. In addition, the compensator reduces gun recoil. Depending on the strategy and style of fire, you choose the proper muzzle. Let’s analyze which muzzle is better for each situation.


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The compensator is better in close combat and hip-fire. In close-range combat, it is very important to pull the crosshair and keep it steady. Therefore, you must use the compensator. Using a silencer in close combat is useless because even when you use a suppressor. The opponent always hears your gunshot. In addition, you must use a compensator when spraying with BGMI assault rifles. The most important feature of this weapon range is the high recoil, especially when you splurge bullets. This muzzle helps reduce both vertical and horizontal recoil.


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The silencer is also useful in some situations and is suitable for certain weapons. The suppressor is useful in mid-range combat and long-range combat. Also, when you need to hide your position and survive, you need to use silencers in single vs squad battles. Especially when you’re the last man standing in the squad. Having said that, you should connect from a long distance and use some smoke to cover up. Moreover, the silencer is the best choice for 5.56 semi-sniper rifles and bolt-action sniper rifles in BGMI. These weapons have acceptable recoil. For example, the Mini-14 and QBZ are fairly stable. So, you don’t need to use compensator. If you don’t have a silencer, use a flash header instead. It helps to hide your situation effectively.

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Which is better ? 

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Both these muzzle are useful in different situations. However, the compensator is still more preferred and powerful than the suppressor. This is because AR is more widely used than SR and DMR in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Plus, you win in close combat most of the game.

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