BGMI Guide : Top 5 Tips to get More Plus in BGMI

BGMI C1S1 will expire on September 17, 2021. This means you have about a month to reach the highest rank in this circle. Here are some top 5 tips to get more plus rank points in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Don’t Take Unnecessary Fights or Early Fights 

If you are not confident to defeat the enemy, don’t fight unnecessary. Don’t put yourself at risk if you’re not sure. When you have less chance to win the battle, try to escape and try to survive till the next chance. To guarantee survival and safety, BGMI players must avoid multi-sided combat. This is a tip to increase rank in BGMI and PUBG Mobile.

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2. Always Finish in Top 5 

In fact, the plus rank points for the winner and runner-up don’t differ much if they have the same kill points. Therefore, you need to get both Survival Points and Kill Points. You have to be in at least top 5 to get plus survival points. Also, get at least 5 kills to get high plus points.

To survive longer, you must choose to land at a safe place to loot. But don’t stay too far from the crown spot. This guarantees that you still face enemies to get enough kills for plus rank points. Also, Don’t die before top 10 or you may get minus point.

3. Always Do Third Party or Pick Easy Kills 

Getting easy kills is also an ability in battle royale games. If you can kill an enemy without losing HP and putting yourself at risk. So try to do it quickly. This can be done by a bolt-action sniper with a silencer or a delicate grenade.

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Some professional snake charmers also use crossbows and wear gilli suits to hide their bodies in bushy maps. On flat maps such as Erangel and Sanokh. If you can get an easy kill, don’t make it complicated and make sure always do third party to pick easy kills.

4. Always Loot Airdrop But Safely

The supply of airdrops at BGMI is always excellent. What many players don’t realize is that looting high-standard supplies also earns them plus rank points. Therefore, they often use the more popular weapons, low-end military vests, helmets and supplies. Which they can loot from the map without looting airdrops. Most of the time, the airdrop is a high-risk location in the BGMI.

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However, some airdrops contain a number of high-standard supplies that enemies discard, such as Mk 14, AWM, Groza, or high-level armor sets because they have already received them. Don’t ignore these safe airdrops and switch to high-standard weapons if you can. Then, you will get a higher plus point at the end of the match. If you have a flaregun, choose a safe place to shoot where you can defend well enough to rob your custom airdrop.

5. Always Pick Vehicle and Fuel Cans 

The game system also gives you more rank points for traversing the map. If you travel more, you will get higher plus points. This is why pro players choose larger maps to advance the rank and smaller maps to increase the F/D ratio. With the vehicle, you can travel more on bigger maps in less time. Those are the best tips for beginners and novice players to get high plus rank points in BGMI C1S1. If the game system does not change the rank point count in the next update, you can apply it to other seasons.

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