BGMI Devloper Company Krafton is releasing 3 new games in 2022

BGMI Creator Krafton is going to expand the PUBG universe further in 2022. Apart from PUBG Sequel New State and PUBG 2. They are going to release 3 more games. 2 of which will be in the same universe as PUBG. In this article, we are going to list down everything you need to know.

Krafton is a relatively new South Korean company. Whose only successful title is PUBG and its mobile version. Although they are highly successful games, the revenue they generate is more than enough to fund other projects. They are working on several titles, most of them are related to PUBG. But there are other spin-offs in the works, too. Such as The Callisto Protocol, PUBG Cowboy and The Korean Witcher.

1. PUBG Cowboy

PUBG Cowboy is yet another PUBG spinoff. Basically, it is a PUBG custom game installed on Miramar. In which only firearms from the Wild West are used. However, after substantial expansion of the project, Krafton decided to make it a full blown game.

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It’s likely that this will be some sort of cowboy game similar to Red Dead Redemption. But with a survival gameplay similar to DayZ. In PUBG you can only use some western weapons like pistol and Win94. But in PUBG Cowboy pistols, bolt-action rifles, knives, bows and arrows are all possibilities.

2. Korean Witcher 

This is probably a “niche project” that Crafton is working on. “Korean Witcher” is the nickname of his new RPG based on the 2003 Korean novel A Bird That Drinks Tears. The story centers around a “monster hunter” who kills and eats demons. Which has some similarities with the witch. The monsters in the games and books are based on Korean mythology, in contrast to the Witcher’s demons. This is the only original project that Crafton is working on that has nothing to do with the PUBG Universe.

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3. Callisto Protocol: Horror

Callisto Protocol is a third-person survival horror game with a release date scheduled for 2022. It is currently developed by Poke Distance Studios, a subsidiary of Krafton. The story of the Callisto Protocol is set in the year 2320. Which is almost 300 years after the events of PUBG. The story takes place on an off-world colony called Black Iron.

Due to the low level of radiation, it seemed suitable for mankind to settle and colonize there. However, a terrible dark secret is hidden inside the colony. Overall, it is likely that the series will be very similar to Dead Space or the famous horror film “The Thing”, as the Dead Space series co-creator Glenn Scofield is working on the game.

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