Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI) Sending Users Data To China’s Server

Krafton recently opened up early access to its PUBG Mobile alternative Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) in India for all Android users. Now, it has found that BGMI is allegedly sending data of Indian Android players to various Chinese servers, including those owned by Tencent.

Now, for those unaware, The Indian government banned the PUBG Mobile in India last year due to security reasons. After the ban, PUBG Mobile’s parent company, Krafton, started teasing an alternate version. In which a Chinese company had no participation at the end of last year. The developers finally released Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here’s how you can install it now if you haven’t already.

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However, According to recent reports from IGN India. Data from Indian players is being sent to Chinese servers located in Beijing. The game also has ties to Proxima Beta, owned by Tencent based in Hong Kong. It could possibly be able to transfer PUBG Mobile accounts to Battlegrounds Mobile India. As well as Microsoft Azure servers in the US, Mumbai and Moscow.

IGN discovered the game’s link to China by installing a data packet sniffer app on an Android device prior to playing BGMI’s match. The Data Sniffer app was set up to log all those servers. With whom the game communicates during the match. Subsequently, the publication conducted a whois search. A search engine for tracking the origin of an IP address to logged servers.

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Plus, a remarkable server with which Battlegrounds Mobile India communicates the most while playing the game. It is run by the Chinese state-owned company China Mobile Communications and is based in Beijing, China. Furthermore, When the game boots up, It reportedly pings a Tencent server which is also located in Beijing.

Now, It is worth mentioning that when Krafton announced the launch of BGMI in India. So it encouraged influencers and streamers not to associate or relate the title with its banned-in-India counterpart. PUBG Mobile due to geopolitical tensions between India and China. The developers also agreed to comply with local laws and claimed to have cut ties with Tencent.

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However, It looks like Krafton didn’t live up to its promises. Its PUBG Mobile alternative is no different from the banned title. Furthermore, We already know that Battlegrounds Mobile India  also demanded to banned in India by a party leader before its earliest release. So, it will be interesting to see how the Indian government reacts when it learns that Krafton has plans to send data to China.

Source – Google