Battleground Mobile India Is Released on June 10th ?

Battleground Mobile India Is June 10 a big day for the release of the game? Check out Krafton Planning for the launch of PUBG Battleground Mobile India: The past few days have been very beneficial for PUBG Mobile fans, who were still confident of the game’s return to India. Recently there has been so much positive news that it has become difficult to keep up with all the updates. Not to mention, the news itself was confusing. Apart from all this, people were tired of fake rumors and unofficial claims.

Therefore, a part of the gaming community is ignoring all the recent discoveries. Nevertheless, after several months, this is the first time some official development has taken place. To everyone’s surprise, the game renamed itself under a new banner “Battleground Mobile India” and has started the re-release process in the country.

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Recently Battlegrounds Mobile India posted a community update on its official YouTube channel in which a Level 3 helmet eclipses. Now this may sound bleak, but Geeks on the Internet immediately came up with a theory. They suspect that the game is being released on the day of the next solar eclipse. Which is on 10 June. For some, this will hardly make sense, but many people are buying this principle of PUBG through this poster teasing the launch date of Battleground Mobile India. While one thing is sure, the post confirms that the game is actually releasing soon.

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A celebrity in the Indian gaming community and official pub mobile caster Ocean Sharma also shared “As I said earlier, there will be two major announcements in May. One of which is today. Also, if it was just a teaser , Then the trailer may arrive by the end of the month if everything goes according to plan. Because it was only a baby step, the game may be available by June. ”

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PUBG Battlegrounds India: While these are just predictions, this time the whole community is confident about the release. In addition, for the first time in several months, there has been some official progress upon release. Including rebranding the game, revealing official logos and more. The game also has to be pre-registered before its launch which is rumored to start in the second part of May. Now, if everything goes according to plan. Then June 10 may just be the date when everyone reunites with their favorite Battle Royale title.

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