America put India and Pakistan in the list of worrying countries regarding global warming

The America has put India and Pakistan in the list of countries of concern along with 10 other countries regarding global warming and climate change. According to the assessment of the US intelligence agency, these countries will have to bear the brunt of global warming.

According to the report, these countries will suffer the most due to global warming. Strong waves of hot winds can continue in these countries. The people of these countries may have to face drought and lack of water and electricity.

According to a report, America is assuming that climate change can wreak the biggest havoc on these countries. India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are included in this list of 11 countries. This list is of such countries which can be very badly affected by climate change. According to US agencies, these countries are not prepared to face the natural and social disasters caused by climate change.

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The latest report ‘National Intelligence Estimate’ by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) predicts. That geopolitical tensions will increase by 2040 due to global warming. Which will also have an impact on US security. These predictions have been made by various US spy agencies.

In the report released on Thursday, special concern has been expressed about 11 countries. These include Afghanistan, India and Pakistan, besides Myanmar, Iraq, North Korea and Colombia. Part of this report has been made public.

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The threat of wars in South Asia The report says that the situation in Afghanistan is very worrying due to heat, drought, water scarcity and ineffective government. Controversies can arise due to water scarcity in India and the rest of South Asia.

This tension can turn into a serious dispute between these countries. As in South Asia, Pakistan depends on rivers originating from India for its groundwater. Both the nuclear-rich countries have fought many wars since their independence in 1947.

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On the other side of India, about 10 percent of Bangladesh’s total population of 160 million already live in such coastal areas which are most at risk of rising sea level. The report estimates that rising temperatures will affect three percent of the population of the Sahara region of South America, South Asia and Africa, or about 14. Can displace 30 million people in the next three decades. These people will migrate to other countries.

According to the report, US agencies are concerned about two more areas. The report has expressed particular concern about “Central Africa and the small islands of the Pacific Ocean” due to climate change and states that these are included in the two most threatened areas of the world. Strategies being adopted to fight change vary greatly.

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The report says that countries that rely on exports of fossil fuels for their economies will continue to resist moving to a zero-carbon world because they cannot afford to do. So are afraid of political or geopolitical costs. The growing strategic crisis between Arctic and non-Arctic countries has also projected as a threat.

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The report says that the rivalry between the two sides will definitely increase as access will become easier as temperatures rise and snow falls. The report predicts that international competition in the Arctic region will be largely economic. But the risk of miscalculation will increase moderately by 2040 as commercial and military activities increase. There will be a greater struggle for opportunities.